Kent D. Ferguson

Kent D. Ferguson, FCPA, FCGA, CFE, CFAM

Audit/Review Partner (Retired)

CGA:              1984
Joined Firm:  1985
Partner:         1993
CFE:               1997
FCGA:            2001
CAFM:            2002
Retired:         2008

Areas of Expertise

  • Audit Standards and Procedures, Quality Control
  • Audits for Hamlets, Housing Associations, School Boards
  • Insolvencies and Receiverships
  • Litigation Support, Fraud Investigation, Fraud Prevention
  • Financial systems analysis, design and implementation
  • Development and delivery of financial administration workshops and seminars

Last Seen:  PEI, Yellowknife, Australia, Capetown South Africa, either at an airport or on a plane

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